Red Tides by Spacey Zimmerman

“The beauty of the red summer sunset is nothing compared to the beauty of your carmel eyes,” Pedro said, batting his outrageously long lashes. He was on his knees next to his wife’s chair. He held one hand to his chest.

Mina bent over laughing. “That is awful!”

He flopped onto the chaise and surveyed the world outside of the cabana. There were scantily clad women and men wandering through the sand and the fading sun. The families with young children had packed up early, leaving only the die-hard beach lovers to watch the sunset spread over the water turning it from crystal blue to purple red. Mina wasn’t young anymore, but she was more beautiful than when he’d married her. She’d settled into her body with confidence and wore the smile lines at the corners of her eyes with pride. He tangled his fingers with hers between the two chairs. “I was thinking of orange nails for the next show.”

“And a tangerine on your head? You look awful in orange.” The swell of her chest was trapped by her one-piece white swimsuit. She was softly tanned after a week at the hotel. His own skin had grown darker and more olive. “Maybe purple?” she suggested.

“I do rock purple,” he agreed. He studied his toes. Normally, he kept them painted, but a week in the surf and sand meant that the finish would be ruined, so he had his manicurist use clear.

Mina sipped her cranberry and vodka. “Maybe with silver glitter in your hair this time?”

Pedro had happily kept a full head of black hair. It was down to his waist and carefully braided today. Mina’s own hair was salt and pepper with streaks of pink in it. “Check out the ass on that boy on your left.”

Mina perked up. She studied the pert ass of the mid-thirties young man stretching after his run. “Very nice,” she purred. “And… there’s his girlfriend. Damn it.” A young woman with bleached blonde hair and fake nails wrapped an arm around his neck.

“Maybe a foursome?” he offered.

She snorted. “Are you dressing for dinner?”

“I was planning on a towel and sandals on our terrace with some kabobs from the street market.”

“Aren’t we going to Maurice’s tonight?” She frowned at him.

“No, that’s tomorrow at nine.”


“Right. Today’s only Wednesday.”

“Are you sure? I could have sworn that it was Thursday.” She pulled her phone from between her breasts.

“I am so jealous of that phone. It gets to spend the day nuzzling your boobies and I have to be good.”

“You’re just jealous of the boobs,” she retorted. “No, see, Thursday.” She held out the phone for him to see.

“Damn. To the bedroom.” He rolled to his feet and offered his hand for her to join him.

“Nope. It doesn’t take me three hours to get ready.”

He swung his leg over her chaise and leaned down to kiss her full lips and smear her lip gloss. She felt warm and soft between his legs. She cradled the back of his head, then cruelly pressed her margarita against the small of his back. “Fine. I’ll see you in a few minutes. Do you want me to set up some false lashes for you?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “No silver lashes.”

“That was only once and they looked perfect.” Still, Pedro left her to laze alone in the sun and walked back to their home away from home.

Pedro pressed the false lashes into place carefully. They had little feathered ends and made his eyes seem slightly larger than they really were. Especially when combined with a little brown-black eyeliner. He batted his lashes experimentally. Yes, that felt right. He shimmied into his short red dress and twirled the layers of red beaded fringe. It weighed about fifty pounds, but he loved it. He teased his hair up into a bouffant while Mina slipped on an ocean blue dress. She touched up her make-up with slightly darker colors and clipped on some large bronze disc earrings. “Can I borrow your white chandeliers?” Pedro asked.

She handed over the earrings. “Do you think I should wear the stiletto sandals, or the wedges?”

“The silver stilettoes. How are your toes? Do they need a touch up as well?”

She wriggled her toes at him. They were still perfectly bronze finished. “I don’t go through nail polish the way you do.”

“How is it even possible that we get our nails done at the same time and yours are always fine a week longer than mine?” he complained in his pleasant tenor that could pass as a woman’s contralto. He checked his nose for stray hairs. Mina strapped on her sandals.

“Shall we?” he offered his arm. He was wearing stilettoes tonight himself. A lovely peep-toe with stripes.

“We shall.”

“And who is this vision of loveliness you have brought to meet me?” Maurice gushed, clasping Pedro’s hand to his chest.

“Leona Mane,” Mina said with a smile, “meet Maurice Chevalier .”

“A pleasure.” Pedro purred. He had never met Maurice in drag. It would be fun to string him along for awhile. He was pretty enough to consider anyway. He had perfect high cheekbones and a delicate mouth. His hair was  tousled and his eyes were too blue to be natural. A closer look indicated they were definitely contacts, but Pedro really wasn’t going to say anything about that.

“Welcome and please feel free to enjoy all the amenities of my home.” Maurice gestured expansively toward the space around them. He went on to greet the next guest.

The main floor of the house had been decorated with hundreds of fresh flowers and the smell of tropical color hung heavy in the air. Fruit trays, cheese trays, and little clusters of chocolate filled every flat surface. At the far end of the open floorplan were French doors flung open to connect to the patio space around the pool. Red and orange flames plumed into the air around the pool. A sparkling array of dresses and casual linen suits made a pool for the black-clad sharks carrying trays of drinks. Subtle island rock played over the hidden speakers.

“Let’s go get a drink and plan,” Mina said with a smile. “I think Maurice likes you.”

Maurice Chevalier leaned against the wall, watching Leona and Mina. They were probably the cutest couple at the party. Leona was sending Maurice coy looks from across the room. It had to be the champagne, but she was seriously considering outting herself to them and seeing if they were interested in a  night together. But she’d been passing as Maurice for so long that she couldn’t just tell. But she was lonely and Leona couldn’t possibly hold it against her, could he?

She gulped another half-glass of champagne.

“Hey, boss,” a chipper voice greeted. “Looks like some heavy thoughts.”

“Pepper,” Maurice greeted with a grimace. “Weren’t you taking tonight off?”

“Is that any way to say hello to your red right hand?” William “Pepper” Pepeloski ran a hand through his short grey hair. He was a fifty-something former-sergeant and capable of running an entire island all on his own. “I’m here to make sure the caterer doesn’t run off with the silver.” He cocked his head to the side. “You look like someone stole your puppy. What’s wrong?”

Maurice sighed. “Feeling lonely,” she admitted.

Pepper looked out across the party, and then turned back to her in disbelief. “Really?”

“Don’t give me that look. I barely know these people. It’s just business. I have a reputation to create and retain.” Chevalier’s was the premier restaurant on the island and everyone who was anyone wanted to have a table there.

“Did you know that Sinjin is here?”

“Oh, fuck me.”

“Not my type,” Pepper teased. “Should I help him into the pool.”

Maurice narrowed her eyes. “No, I have a better idea. Do we still have those reds hanging around?”

“No,” Pepper said as he nodded. “I would never keep a controlled substance in the house.”

She smirked. “I think he’d love to get some special time with Bernice, don’t you think?”

Pepper laughed low and dirty. “You are a sick person, boss, but that’s what I like about you. The white room, you think?”

“Oh yes.”

“I’ll set up the camera.”

Sinjin had long since given up using his last name. He’d been making his living as a model most of his life, but his hair was starting to thin at the back. He was wearing a porkpie hat to hide it today. He smirked at the closest hottie in her bikini top and harem pants. She rolled her eyes and turned her back on him. That was not a hardship though, her ass was beautiful. He resisted the urge to pinch it. He grabbed another glass of champagne from the waiter as he walked by. Where the Hell was Maurice hiding? He was almost as pretty as the girls that swarmed to his parties. Oh, damn, was that Leona Mane?

He made his way across the party to catch up with the drag queen who’d been headlining on the day-cruise gambling ship for nearly three years now. “Leona!” he greeted and kissed both cheeks. “You look lovely. The red is so you. And this is?”

“My wife, Mina. Mina, this is Sinjin. He’s been angling to get a position as a cruise director.”

“If only your girl would put in a good word for me,” he said. He batted his lashes. They weren’t nearly as good as Mina’s, but his were real. Leona smacked his arm with a laugh.

“Don’t disturb the good guests, Sinjin,” Maurice said from behind his shoulder.

Sinjin dropped an arm around Maurice’s shoulders and squeezed. “Sweetheart! I was wondering where you were hiding.”

“In plain sight, by the door, with a glass of champagne,” Maurice informed him. “Bernice was mentioning that she’d missed you. Did you break up with her again?”

“I haven’t seen her in, Hell, three years? Something like that. We never dated.”

Maurice looked skeptical. “Sinjin, there’s no one on this island that you haven’t dated at least once. You haven’t paid for a meal in years. Don’t give me that crap.”

“We never dated,” he repeated firmly. Slept together half-a-dozen times, sure, not dated. He wasn’t about to tell Leona and Mina about those wonderful drug-fueled nights. “You’ll give Leona a bad impression.”

“Oh, honey, I already know you’re a slut.” Leona rolled her eyes. “Do I look as though I care about that? But Bernice Jelicoe? She is a catch, sweetheart. Have you seen her chest recently.” She mimed cupping breasts a few sizes larger than her own.

Mina laughed. “Is Jelicoe the one with the afro I kept hoping was actually a wig so I could try it?”

“She added sparkles for the party,” Maurice informed them. “Like she has a halo of stars around her.” His smile was sly. “Pretty sure she was carrying a bowl of red candy toward the white room last I saw her. If someone was interested in locating her.”

Sinjin kissed Maurice’s temple. He’d be fun to play with if he were just a few inches taller. “I hate to let a beautiful woman eat candy all alone.”

“You hate to let a beautiful woman eat anything alone!” Maurice yelled the comment at Sinjin’s retreating back. “That man.”

“He seems to be a good friend? An ex?” Mina captured another glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

“No. Bernice keeps hoping he’ll break down and marry her.” Maurice rolled her eyes. “Personally, I think she needs better taste, but to each their own right?”

“So, aging playboys aren’t your type.”

“No.” Maurice slowly guided them toward the living room. A few clumps of glittering girls were heading back out toward the pool and one of them stopped, then kissed Maurice’s cheek.

“Thank you for the party. I’m going to have to head out though. I’ve got to get the girls back in time to pack for tomorrow’s flight,” the designated driver said. Her face was sorrowful.

“I’m glad you had a good time, Sweetie. Come back any time. Every Thursday, rain or shine.” Maurice kissed her hand and sent her off to her friends.

“And little playgirls aren’t your type either, are they?” Mina’s smile crinkled up the edges of her eyes.

“No. I like adults. Your feet have to be killing you in those heels. Sit down. Relax. I’ll round up some more champagne and some fruit or something.” Maurice waved towards the waiters. One of them came over with a tray of champagne. “Go ahead and leave the tray.”

“Yes, sir.” The tray had six full glasses left on it. Maurice twisted over the back of the sofa to drag one of the trays of cheese and fruit over to the coffee table.

“No allergies? I haven’t cooked for you in ages.”

“None,” Mina confirmed. She grabbed a piece of cheese. “Are all of these guests from the hotel?”

Maurice leaned back and crossed his ankles. “Most of them. I recognize some of them. I think. Open invitation and as much food and drink as can be consumed by midnight. The clock strikes twelve and anyone who’s still vertical gets tossed into a taxi and sent to the hotel. Even if they’re not staying there, they’ll know the way home. I hear that you’re going back out on the ships next week, Leona? Did you get some new inspiration for the show?”

Mina nibbled on a chocolate covered strawberry, absently sucking the juice off of her fingers. Maurice’s eyes fastened on the action.

Leona winked. “Always. I’m doing an entire riff on Cuban music this time. I found the most precious hat and Mina worked her magic to turn it into a Carmen Miranda fruit basket.”

“Really? With stuffed fruit or plastic?”

“I made the fruit out of felt.” Mina slipped her feet out of her heels. Her arches were perfect and her toes had lovely bronze paint on them. She wiggled them a bit to get the feeling back into them. They were interrupted by two more groups that had to leave. The music continued to play in the background and the warm waves of conversation washed the air around them, but the conversation area of the white sectional and club chairs seemed wrapped in a cocoon away from most of it. The conversation between them ranged over costuming and music and back to business on the island.

Mina leaned back and rested her glass on the softness of her center. Leona had the taut abs of a dancer, but Mina was more curved and gentle. “I do hope you won’t throw us out at midnight,” she commented as the conversation reached a lull.

“I have more rooms than I know what to do with.” Maurice smiled at her. “And a very nice large bed in most of them.”

Leona pouted at him. “I was hoping to get a tour of the master suite.”

Maurice flushed at that, which she was blaming on the champagne. “That could be arranged.”

Mina’s smile flashed bright against her tan. “I’m so glad.”

Pepper adjusted the camera in the white room with his remote. Bernice and Sinjin were sprawled over the large bed with a bowl of candy and three very distinctive red pills on the bed between them. “I’ll get some water,” Sinjin said, eyeing the pills. He came back from the en suite with two crystal tumblers of water. Bernice offered one of the pills. They hooked arms like a newlywed couple as they swallowed them down. The little silver pins in Bernice’s hair shimmered in the lowered light of the room. Pepper adjusted the light contrast, then leaned back. He and the boss had the world’s best amateur porn collection and no one else got to share it.

Bernice leaned back and popped a few of the M&M’s into her mouth. She carefully moved the last of the pills into the drawer of the nightstand. She didn’t want any mistakes. Overdoses were just so messy. “I haven’t seen you in years, sweetheart,” Sinjin said. He lounged across her lap and smiled up at her. She ran a finger down his cheek.

“And who’s fault is that?”

“I’m crushed.” He put a hand to his chest. His eyes were still dark as she remembered and his hair was soft. His hat was hanging off the chair in the corner. He turned into her touch. “It wasn’t by choice. You went to the mainland and I didn’t know you’d come back.”

“No one leaves the island forever.”

He studied her with solemn eyes. “They leave me though.” He slid his hand up her thigh. “I’m a no-strings sort of person and most people have trouble with that.”

She laughed at him. “Sin, you just like it when people shower you with money because you’re pretty.”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“Most people don’t get to find out. You can still be my pretty toy and play with other people, you know. I’ll keep you in the style you’re accustomed to. Not like Maurice could though.”

“He doesn’t want me,” Sinjin shrugged. “He’s too short too.” He wrinkled his nose like a little kid. “You’re most definitely not. Let me get you out of that jumpsuit.”

“You get out of that shirt first,” she countered. “I want to see you.” He slipped off the unbuttoned white shirt and stripped off the red tee-shirt he’d been wearing under it. He looked as lean as always. He struck a pose to show off his abs—as undefined as usual. He liked his food too much to be more than lean. She tossed a candy toward him and he caught it in his mouth. They both laughed.

She shimmied out of the romper and tossed it over the chair. She pulled off her bra and it joined the rest of the pile. “And here I was going to be nice and help you out with that.”

“Don’t pout. I left the best part for last.” She leaned forward and gave him a languid kiss as the drugs smoothed out the small hurts and made the fact that he’d never marry her fade to the back of her mind. It never seemed to matter when she was lost in his kiss that he would never be a one-woman man. She unzipped his fly carefully as he wrapped his longer fingers around the back of her neck. He cupped her breast and flicked the tip of his with his thumb just the way she liked.

He fought his way out of his white jeans while she found one of the condoms that Maurice always stocked in the guest rooms. Sinjin came up behind her, fitting against her easily. He slid his hands down her sides until he hooked his thumbs into her panties and slowly slid them down her thighs. He kissed the side of her neck. “You still smell of honeysuckle and vanilla,” he murmured into her ear. She stepped out of her panties and left them on the floor where they’d fallen. They were fully naked now.

He rubbed her little pot belly with one hand and used the other to tease along the crease of her thigh. His hardness pressed against her as his hand slid further down her leg. He kissed her shoulder. She turned to face him and accept another soft kiss. She rolled the condom over his cock with gentle fingers. She smirked at him. He pressed a kiss to her breast just above the nipple—his favorite spot. The warm fuzziness of the drug heightened the pleasure as he blew gently over the wetness he’d left on her chest. Her nipples tightened under the attention.

He laid her back on the soft bed and stepped between her thighs, fingers gentle as he spread her legs to the side.

Maurice locked up the doors. There were a few overly-drunk guests scattered around the couches like tanned and glittering butterlies. “I like your decorating sense,” Mina said as she walked by one passed out young man who hadn’t bothered to pull on shorts after his stint in the pool. She slipped her arm through their hosts. “Just this morning we were watching all the pretty things on the beach and you simply lay them around the house. That’s much more efficient.”

“Well,” Maurice said meditatively, “you do have to work at it. It takes a lot of champagne to keep them in place. And you can never tell what they’ll look like in the end.”

Leona chuckled. “That’s true for almost everything in life.” Her make-up was still perfect, the wench. It was the industrial nature of the foundation, but still. Maurice led them through the house.

“This is the blue room, and you’re welcome to use it for the night. All the rooms have a private bath.”

Mina slipped her hand down until she could wrap their fingers together. His fingers were calloused from his kitchen work, but delicate. “I was hoping to see the master with you. I thought you were interested too. Was I wrong?”

They stood in the doorway of the blue room. “You’re not wrong.” Maurice shifted nervously and swallowed. “It’s just that… come to the bedroom. I don’t want to talk out here.” He didn’t shake off her grip.

Leona closed them into the soundproofed master bedroom. It was quiet except for a soft burble in the background from the tank of tropical fish. Maurice pulled away and stood in front of the fish tank, hands behind his back as he stared at the little fish darting back and forth. Mina exchanged a concerned glance with her husband. “Maurice, if you only want one of us, we won’t take offense. As long as the other gets to watch.”

“What? No! Not that. Never that.” He turned quickly. “It’s just that… biologically, I’m female,” Mo said bluntly.

Mina softened. “Oh, sweetheart, that’s not an issue. We don’t care. You just need to tell us what you like.”

Leona laughed softly. “I never guessed, Mo.”

Maurice startled at that. “Really?”

“Nope. I thought you might be gay, but that was all.”

“I don’t define myself as male in my head all the time. I just, I’m more comfortable looking like this most days.” Mo frowned. “I don’t have many people who know. And after all this time, building the restaurant and the hotel, I just, I can’t let it get out.”

Mina stepped forward. “May I hug you?”

She nodded, miserable. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close to her until his shoulders loosened and he returned the hug. “You have a very comforting chest,” he murmured into her shoulder.

“Thank you. Now look at me, lovely.”

He lifted his eyes to meet hers. They were a soft hazel brown that glittered a bit more than they should. “We won’t tell anyone. And if all we decide is to have a lovely night together, that’s it. If we decide we want to repeat it some day, we will. But tonight, you are just Mo. Ours as you are.”

Maurice huffed out a laugh. “My birth name was Maureen.”

“Pedro. Nice to meet you, Maureen.” Pedro offered his hand.

“I think I like Mo better.” They shook hands though. “Pedro for tonight?”

Pedro kissed the captured hand. “Let’s get these long sleeves off of you. Everyone thinks you’ve got some lovely ink hiding under here.” He unbuttoned the sleeve of the linen shirt. Mo’s fingers played with the zipper at the back of Mina’s dress, pulling it up and down a little bit.

“They might be right.” Mo gave them a shy smile.

Mina turned a bit to encourage the unzipping. The zipper came down slowly, just as slowly as Pedro was opening the front of the button-down shirt. Pedro slid the shirt down Mo’s arms revealing that, yes, there was some lovely art there. Mina shimmied out of her dress and draped it over the white armchair. She slid her fingers under the bottom of the tank top that their new lover was wearing.

Pedro removed his dress and added it to the pile. It was always amusing to see him in this half-state. Mo allowed Mina to remove his tank to reveal the wrapping that he used to flatten his chest. It was a study of contrasts. Pedro had prosthetic breast while Mo had bound his down. Mo’s tattoos were mostly fish playing tag up each arm and across his back in a riot of colors. Mina stroked the line of fish and placed a kiss to the back of Mo’s neck while she undid the binding.

Mo reached for Pedro and he obligingly let him remove the bra and breasts to reveal Pedro’s flat chest. Mo stroked over the cleanly shaven skin. “My God, you have nice defninition. Do you get all of this from dancing?”

“I will admit to occasionally doing some weight training. I have to move my gear by myself after all.”

Mina snorted. “He’s lying, honey, I carry half of it.” She dropped the binding cloth onto the pile of clothes. She rubbed up from the small of Mo’s back. “I need to get you onto my table one of these days. Give you a proper massage to make some of this stress go away.”

Pedro dipped down for a kiss. Mo’s eyes closed and he relaxed into the gentleness. Mina smiled at the picture. She took the opportunity to finish stripping down. She opened Mo’s belt and pants. Mo broke away. “I’ll take care of that.” A charming blush had grown across his cheeks and chest. Pedro peeled back the red comforter on the bed to reveal crisp white sheets.

Pepper studied the camera from the boss’ bedroom for a moment with a private smile. Then, he disabled the recording and erased it. As pretty as it might have been to watch, there were limits to what he wanted to know about the person he had to face every day. Instead, he refocussed on the white room and leaned back in his chair and let his hand drift down to open his fly.

Sinjin slid carefully into the familiar warmth of his lover. The room was hazy except for the twinkling reflections on the pins in Bernice’s hair and the sparkling white of her teeth. He moved languidly, setting the rhythm that she’d always preferred. He bent to nuzzle at her full breasts. He licked the side of her neck and she laughed at him. The sound made her breast jiggle and he couldn’t help but fondle them. The nipples hardened under his touch.

She reached up the pull him down into a kiss. She wrapped her legs around him and he pressed further into her. They rocked together as though they could still hear the music outside. Her hips lifted to meet him and her head fell back. He suckled on the side of her neck, nose filled by the scent of her perfume. She’d worn it for as long as he’d known her and the mere scent of it made him hard.

He bit gently against her neck. She tensed all around him and the pressure drew him over the edge. They stayed connected for a long moment. He blanketed her until she pushed at his shoulder. “You’re getting heavy.” They maneuvered into the bed and laid next to each other among the scattered chocolate that might not melt in their hand, but had certainly smeared against the sheets and along the small of Bernice’s back. She lounged against him.

“Did you mean it about living with you, Neece?” he asked idly.

“Of course, you idiot. I’m the only doctor on this island that anyone trusts. I can keep you as my favorite boy-toy.”

“We could try it.”

She lifted her head. “You mean it?”

“Yes.” He was getting old after all and it was time to settle down. “But no rings. Marriage gives me hives.”

She laughed at him and bit his shoulder. “Idiot man.”

“Tell us what you need,” Mina ordered gently. Mo was held in the gently twined arms of her lovers for the night.

“Both of you. Somehow. I’ve never done this.”

Pedro’s arms closed more tightly around her waist. “Tell us if you don’t want something. Otherwise, we’ll decide then.”

Mo nodded. That sounded perfect. Pedro’s hair was still up in its bouffant. It was incongruously sexy with the hard panes of his chest and the nicely sized penis. Mina’s hands were gentle as she stroked down Mo’s side. Her chest was soft and much larger than Mo’s. Mo rested happily there, happy for the gentle connection. She smelled of Chanel and coconut. Pedro’s fingers were delicate as they explored between Mo’s legs. Mina kissed her.

The kiss was firm and Mo opened to the slight pressure. Mina tasted of champagne and grapes, but under that was something spicy that seemed to be just her. Mina’s fingers tangled with Pedro’s as they touched and explored. Mo ran her fingers through Mina’s hair, feeling the thick silk wrap around the callouses on the pads of her fingers. She shivered deliciously when Mo ran slow fingers down her spine. Mo rested her hand on Mina’s ass. She broke the kiss. “Can I taste you?” she asked.

“Of course, sweetheart.” Mina laid back and spread her legs slightly in invitation. Pedro chuckled into Mo’s shoulder.

“I hear there’s always condoms around here.”

“Drawer,” Mo said. “Staff keeps all the rooms stocked.” She kissed Mina’s belly and moved slowly down. Mina tasted slightly salty with a hint of lemon. Pedro stroked through Mo’s short hair, leaving it in odd spikes. She looked up at him. He was smiling as he watched them. Mina was smoothing a condom onto his length. Mo raised her brows at him.

“May I?” His hand slid down to cup her lower cheek. Mo considered.

“It’s been awhile,” she warned. He nodded. She bent back to her objective of making Mina collapse into a boneless heap. She rubbed little circles along Mina’s inner thighs with her thumbs.

Pedro slipped his hand between Mo’s legs and gently rubbed her clit. Mo repeated the motion on Mina with her nose and Mina’s hips rose. Her breathing was deep and she made appreciative little purring noises as though she were part cat. “Thank you” she spelled out with her tongue and Mina shivered.

Pedro’s fingers slipped between the folds of Mo’s center and she tensed. “Shh, sweetie, just relax. You’re okay.” Mo took a breath and rested her forehead on Mina’s thigh. Mina stroked through her hair. It took conscious effort to relax into Pedro’s ministrations, but he was gentle as he stretched her carefully. Mo put her focus onto Mina and reminded herself that she trusted them both.

Mina stiffened under Mo’s fingers. Her body went rigid as she orgasmed. Mo didn’t stop her explorations until Mina relaxed under her, nearly boneless. Mina urged Mo up, to lay against her body and kiss her languidly. Mina’s hands stroked her back and shoulders with alternating soft and hard touches until something warm shivered down Mo’s back. “Meridians,” Mina murmured.

Pedro waited out the momentary tensing the press of his cock created. Mo relaxed, secure in Mina’s arms, cheek pillowed on her breast, listening to her heartbeat. “Okay, baby?” Pedro asked. She nodded and he pressed forward. He set a gentle beat. He scattered gentle kissed along her back. Mo giggled as she realized that he was kissing her fish. She gasped as he hit just right and pleasure sparked through her body. She closed her eyes. She shivered to her own climax and Pedro continued to rock into her slowly until she felt his control break and he started to thrust more deeply. She registered his orgasm, but didn’t feel the need to move. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in years.

Pedro disposed of the condom in the wastebasket under the nightstand. He pulled the sheet up over the three of them and pulled his lovers into his arms. He kissed Mina over the sleeping head of their host. He pulled off his fake lashes before settling down to wrap Maurice in their combined embrace.

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