Do you have a steamy story for us?
What we’re looking for…

We want quality, well written smut. Any genre, any subject, any pairing. We aren’t fans of censorship, but there are some ground-rules.

1. Sexual content must occur between consenting adults.
          Caveats to above:
         -Sometimes in a character’s back-story, or the pursuit of this thing called plot, bad things happen. See Rule 3, if you haven’t broken that one we’re probably alright.
         –There is a time and place for historical accuracy, and this isn’t it. Your warrior princess can be 18, we’ll still think she’s young.
2. If you’ve written Horror Erotica it’s not an absolute no, but it’ll be an uphill climb. It’s hard to market anything that makes people go ‘ick’ on any level.
3. Don’t send us anything even the most liberal constabulary would arrest you for. It will be rejected, and we’ll have to scrub our hard-drives, and deal with feeling socially obligated to report you.
4. Don’t send us the next Insert Title Here. Originality is a thing.

Still interested in Submitting?

Good! Please ensure your submission contains all the relevant information and meets all of the following formatting requirements.

What should my files look like?
All files should be submitted in a double-spaced MS Word document (our preferred font is 12pt Times or Courier) attached to your email. The subject line should read “BPS Query–Your Name–Title of Work” and emails should be in standard form. 

For Novels and Novellas please submit:

  • Query Letter (for a sample query look here)
  • Synopsis (yes, we hate them too but send us one anyway)
  • Your first thirty pages

For Serials please submit:

  • Query Letter
  • Synopsis and theoretical schedule
  • Your first episode

How long can it take to hear back?
Ideally we try to keep our slush folder fairly clear, but it’s been known to pile up. If it’s been three months without a peep it’s perfectly okay to poke us and ask for an update.