Red Tides

This story contains mature themes and adult material. Clicking the ‘read more’ link below avows that you are of age to view this material according to the laws where you live.

red tides pic

“The beauty of the red summer sunset is nothing compared to the beauty of your carmel eyes,” Pedro said, batting his outrageously long lashes. He was on his knees next to his wife’s chair. He held one hand to his chest.

Mina bent over laughing. “That is awful!”

He flopped onto the chaise and surveyed the world outside of the cabana. There were scantily clad women and men wandering through the sand and the fading sun. The families with young children had packed up early, leaving only the die-hard beach lovers to watch the sunset spread over the water turning it from crystal blue to purple red. Mina wasn’t young anymore, but she was more beautiful than when he’d married her. She’d settled into her body with confidence and wore the smile lines at the corners of her eyes with pride. He tangled his fingers with hers between the two chairs. “I was thinking of orange nails for the next show.”

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