It’s Not Easy Being Greene

The following story contains adult themes and content. Clicking on the ‘keep reading’ link below signifies that you are of age in your country of residence to view such content.

Greene pic

Greene stood outside of the restaurant and took a deep breath. He hated blind dates, hated dating at all, truth be told, but all of his friends had told him it was time to put his feet back in the water, get out there. He was quite happy on his boat; in his little bit of bayou. He didn’t need to get wet, as they said.

His friend Mozzie had convinced him that his date tonight would be a sure thing. Mozzie had told the guy all about Greene and he had been very, very intrigued. Greene wasn’t sure if he was reassured by this or more apprehensive. What exactly was this guy expecting? How could anyone be intrigued by him?

Let’s get this over with, Greene thought, sighing one more time before opening the door and scanning the room, looking for his date. It couldn’t have been possible that there was an actual spotlight on the table and the person there waiting for him, but looking back on it, it totally seemed that there had been.

“Lee?” he asked, tentative, standing behind the short, dark haired man seated in the middle of the room.

He turned around and Greene swallowed hard. He had never seen anyone that beautiful in real life. He just stood there as Lee stood up, small and petite and kissed him softly on the cheek. “Greene! So glad you came. I was starting to fret.”

Fret? How precious is that? Greene thought as he finally found his legs and moved to the other side of the table.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to make you worry. I was just a bit…”

“Nervous? Me too.”

Greene sighed in relief.

“Why don’t we get a drink in you, that helped settle my nerves,” Lee said, as he daintily raised his hand to get the attention of the wait staff.

“What will you have?” Lee asked as the waitress approached.

“What are you drinking?”

“Pom martini. It’s delicious.”

Greene cringed. “I’ll give that a try.”

Lee must have noticed the face Greene pulled. “You don’t have to order the frou-frou drink to please me. I actually like a man who can swallow the harder stuff.”

The only thing redder than Greene’s face was the waitress’.

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